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Friday, August 21, 2015

Can you hear the difference?

Some very nice signals arriving here tonight from the Netherlands. This seems to be a combination of the new loop antenna we received this week, together with good conditions and some power stations on the band.

Right now I'm listening to Vrolijke Mijnwerker on 1623 kHz, and I've also been enjoying the music from Relmus, who is still going strong on 1655, and from Schaduwjager who was on 1640 a little earlier, either side of a qso with Noordzee.

Mijnweker, Relmus and Schaduwjager have all been putting in very similar signals here, touching around 70% on the meter. What is interesting though, is that they all sound very different indeed, even on the Kenwood communications receiver I'm using this evening. I made a recording of three, so have a listen and see what you think.

All three sound nice and loud, but are quite clearly using different types of modulation and sound processing. I heard Boomerang testing on 1635 earlier this evening, and Edelkampioen qsoing on 1637. Both were also very strong but again had a different sound. The modulation and audio quality is an aspect of the hobby I find particularly interesting, and it can help to identify stations as well. When you know a particular sound it is often possible to know who you are listening to before a word has even been spoken!

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  1. Great to read your comments and hear the excellent recording,
    Thunderstorms forecast later in NW England but I hope they fade away fast so I can hear one or two of the pirates on MW this evening !