Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rain, rain go away!

There's lots of rain together with thunder in the east of the Netherlands as I write this. But Witte Tornado and The Lady are on the air regardless of the weather conditions with their regular Sunday afternoon/evening broadcast. I was there around six weeks ago and I can imagine the top of the antenna swaying in the wind as I listen to their music on 1647 kHz. The signal is pretty strong here, but with plenty of static crashes. Generally the sinpo is around 45343, so perfectly listenable. 

The rest of the top of the MW band is silent here, and a quick look on the sdr at Enschede reveals there is nothing else to be heard even locally. It also shows the reason why. Look at this screen grab and you will see the vertical line marking the Witte Tornado signal on 1647, but all the horizontal lines are the continual static due to the thunderstorms. Its not easy to listen to anything with that much noise on the band, which explains why most pirates have decided on an early night!

A few minutes ago Radio Desperado also mentioned the bad weather in the north of the Netherlands as he closed down on 6260 kHz from his second ever SW broadcast. His signal was a little stronger than last night and I made a short recording:

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