Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sad news

There is sad news to report from the Achterhoek in the east of the Netherlands. Last Saturday morning the man behind Radio Nooitgedacht died after suffering with pancreatic cancer. 

Johan had been active at the top of the MW band for many decades and his powerful signal made him popular with local listeners and dxers across Europe. When there was a big sound on 1636 kHz and the familiar records started playing, you knew you were tuned to Nooitgedacht.

Johan was 70 years old and leaves behind his wife Hannie and children Eddie, Theo and Jolanda. 

I heard Johan on the air a couple of weeks ago on what I think turned out to be his final broadcast. You could tell he was ill as he talked, but so nice he decided to transmit one more progamme. When he closed down he had a short qso with Radio Havanna and I made a recording of his last words which you can listen to here.


  1. Very sad. Along with Norman Nelson and Paul Johnson a mainstay of my free-radio listening in the 90's.

  2. met the man on a visit to Holland 1993, happy memories of many years listening. R.I.P