Friday, January 23, 2015

Ingredients for a pirate weekend

It's Friday night and the weekend has arrived. So, an evening listening to pirates is just the ticket while the wind howls outside and the rain comes down. But there are a few requirements:

1) Good propagation conditions for reception from across the North Sea

Yes, we have that

2) A plentiful supply of beer

Yes, we have that, imported personally from the Netherlands last summer

3) Plenty of pirates to listen to

Yep, it's a full house

Right now there are three pirates with fine signals here in the UK. Sterrekijker is playing away on 1620 like he does every Friday, and he's in the party mood as well, as you can see . . .

Up the band on 1640 is Wadloper and the Pier Clan with a great signal and powerful modulation. There's some good music coming from the studio tonight and it's always great to listen to a station when you've been there yourself and you can picture the scene. And you can take a look too, with these images sent from the scene . . .

Just a few clicks on the dial above Wadloper is Kristal. He's broadcasting on 1645 kHz from Twente and is also very strong.

There are some other signals around as well, like the one on 1611 and the one on 1629. And there have been various stations testing throughout the evening like Titanic on 1627, Skywire on 1656 and Twentana on 1629. It was also nice to hear Columbia really well earlier on 1655, peaking with probably the best signal I've heard from him. 

Anyway, it's time to sit back and enjoy the music at the top of the MW band and crack open another beer. Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Cheers! Not Dutch but try a drop of Dortmunder. Great stuff and if you run out of petrol, will probably also power your car..