Sunday, December 28, 2014

Season's greetings

I hope everybody out there who stops by to read this blog every now and again is enjoying a happy and peaceful Christmas. Everything has been going well here and I am happy to report I have over two weeks off work with holiday now, so there will be time for plenty of relaxing, family time and, of course, radio time.

Although I didn't get chance to listen to the radio very much on Christmas Day, I did have some very nice radio-related presents, as you can see . . . 

A box of biscuits in disguise as a radio!

Many superb photographs in this fine publication

I've popped down to the radio room over the last few days and enjoyed listening to various stations, including Radio Marabu on 6239 kHz. I always like to tune in to their alternative music programming, and this Christmas has been no exception. 

This morning it was good to hear a steady signal from Polaris Radio on 7600 kHz and a good sound from the Free Radio Service Holland on 9335. And this afternoon I spent a good while tuned in to Weekend Music Radio on 6395. Jack Russel's festive programmes are the stuff of pirate legend, so it was great to hear him roll back the years today on a live broadcast with a powerful signal and great modulation as you can hear on this recording, which was made just before propagation conditions changed and the skip became longer. Towards the end of the recording you can start to hear the noise level increasing. But before that, the signal is almost local quality . . . 


  1. Belated Christmas Greetings from NW England !
    All the Best for the New Year and Good DX