Sunday, February 23, 2014

The wind continues to howl

Greetings from a blustery UK. It has been a few weeks since I last posted on the blog, for which I must apologise. I have been busy with my work. However, I have still been listening when I can and enjoying some pirate sounds from the Netherlands.

I was hoping to get out into the garden today and get my mast back up in the air with a coil antenna for MW at the top. However, the high winds continue and today we had gusts of nearly 50 miles an hour - just too much to do antenna work. Hopefully the weather will calm down soon. In the mean time, the outdoor loop antenna for 0-30 MHz continues to do a very good job on a different mast attached to the house.

I tuned in to the top of the MW band last night with a glass of wine in hand. There were some strong signals coming in from Moby Dick on 1648 and Mexicano on 1625. It was also good to hear Dinkelland, Spakenburg and Noordzee qsoing around 1620 kHz.

Right now on Sunday evening I am listening to Weduwe on 1620 kHz, while Bluebird (1638) and Witte Tornado (1647) are also coming in well, although conditions are variable it seems.

There was a nice surprise last Sunday when Barones was on air for the first time since his broadcast on December 31 / January 1. I heard him at around 1700 utc with some music on 1629 before he returned later with a programme on 1625. For those of you who missed it, you can listen to some of the 1629 broadcast here

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