Saturday, January 25, 2014

Interesting frequencies

I'm always on the lookout for pirates using interesting frequencies, especially Dutch stations as they can be quite adventurous, trying out all sorts of channels to find their own little place on the AM spectrum that works for them.

This morning I received an email telling me that the Blauwe Piraat was testing on 819 kHz. This comes a couple of weeks after Radio Ascona was trying out 927 kHz. With more and more FM pirates migrating to the MW band and with frequencies at a premium, it is not surprising that operators are seeking alternatives to the small space at 186m+

And on SW there was a very interesting broadcast on Friday night from Sluwe Vos. He had been listening to some Russian pirates at around 1750 kHz and, perhaps inspired by their activity, he switched on his transmitter to 3123, a section of AM band where Russians can often be heard qsoing illegally. The signal was really very good with just 20 watts of power. You can listen to a recording here


  1. Here in Bristol, a great signal on 1611 from Radio Tower for most of the evening with a mixture of rock and Dutch polka songs. Some interference from an adjacent station coming through on a domestic analogue receiver.

  2. Interesting to see lower frequencies used. I hope it could lead to ground wave reception ....


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