Friday, January 24, 2014

AM pirates on a Friday evening

The sun went down around two hours ago and I've been having a tune around the bands for pirate activity for the last hour or so. The first station I came across was Twentana on 6280 kHz. He operates on MW primarily and I think this was the first time I've heard him on SW and it was a very pleasant surprise, with a very fine signal over here. And a few minutes later I found Mustang just up the band on 6320. He also operates on MW but is heard more on SW these days and often puts in a stonking signal. Today was no exception - it sounded like he was in the same street as me!

Right now I'm listening to Radio Verona on 1476 kHz. It's always nice to hear stations operating in-band and the signal from Verona is fair. There is some interference from nearby stations, but on the peaks he is doing well with low power. Great work. You can listen to a short recording here. If you heard him and want to send an email, his address is

Up the band a little is Radio Denappel. He is becoming a regular on 1512 and the signal is very good right now.

It won't be long before the top of the band gets packed for the Friday night music programmes and qsos. Viking and Tante Foek have already started on their regular frequency of 1671 and there is a signal coming in well on 1629. It seems conditions are pretty good. Let's hope it stays that way all weekend.

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