Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Waking up with Calipso

First of all, apologies for lack of posts for a little while . . . I've been busy with work and also decorating parts of the house. With Christmas approaching there will be less work so I can spend more time with the family and also listen to more pirates! 

I might not have written anything on here in the past few days, but I've been listening to the radio, and it was a nice surprise to hear a decent signal coming in this morning at around 0830 on 1620 kHz. It was Radio Calipso and he was still coming in well at 0915 with no problem to understand everything that was going on. It's quite rare to hear Dutch MW pirates at that time of the day at our location because we are in-land and not near the sea - that means we usually hear stations only during the hours of darkness. 

I was listening late last night as well (Monday), mainly to Klaas Snoek, who was having lots of fun on 1656 kHz. I started off by listening down in the radio room and later moved up in to the house, where I tuned in on my Lowe HF150 that is now in the living room. I made a video of the reception at around 0200

I finally called it a day and headed to bed at around 0245 with Klaas Snoek still going strong with his unique style of broadcasting. It makes for great listening. 

Somebody else who was tuned in and enjoying the programme was Bill Lewis of Live Wire Radio fame. For anybody who has been listening to the pirates for a long while, you might well remember this name from the 1990s and into the early 2000s. Live Wire was a real powerhouse of a pirate, operating from here in the UK, broadcasting firstly on SW and later on MW, where he would often QSO with Dutch pirates who received him really well across the North Sea. I travelled to the Netherlands with him several times back then, visiting pirates right across the country and had many great times. 

Bill hasn't been on the scene for around ten years but has just started listening again, and I would like to place a bet that by this time next year this once great pirate is back on air and chatting to all his old friends across the water once more.

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