Saturday, November 09, 2013

Relmus rocking

It's Saturday night and there are some powerhouses on the band right now. Barones is booming on 1611 and on 1625 is Relmus, putting a brand new transmitter to very good use. He was also on air last night (Friday), testing out the new equipment.

For some time Relmus has been using a low-power transmitter of around 150 watts, but he's back with higher power now, sounding like he did a year or so ago when he was a regular with Friday night programmes that could be heard right around Europe. Let's hope those broadcasts will now return, with plenty of people, fun and beers in the studio.

Below you can see the new transmitter in a series of pictures from the earlier stages of building though to the final one, taken while Relmus was on air on Friday night

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  1. damn, amazing pictures, looks like a trailer was cut to pieces to make that