Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is it late night or early morning?

It's 0340 in England on Sunday morning as I write these words and I'm working on a project here, but also listening to the radio at the same time. Coming out of the speakers is Wolverine Radio from the US, on 6945 in USB. This station often puts in a great signal here, and tonight is no exception. The signal is crossing the Atlantic really well, and the audio sounds pretty good, too, especially considering the SSB. 

Earlier the MW band was packed with station after station from the Netherlands clambering to get on the band. For me, the highlight was Barones on 1632 with much-improved modulation from when he made his long-awaited return a few weeks back. It's great to have the station back and sounding good again. For those interested, the modulation type is now G2.

Among the many other stations heard on Saturday night was Batavier, who was all the way up on 1680. You can usually catch his signal around 1625 kHz, so it was a surprise to find him so high. Along with Relmus, who was in the studio, he was carrying out a low power test with around 75 watts. Here are a few pictures of the transmitter:

Right, it's back to work for me now. I will post some recent logs here very soon.

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