Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No antenna needed

Regular readers of the blog will know I like to get across to the Netherlands every now and again. I was most recently there in August last year, travelling across the country with my family, meeting lots of people and seeing lots of pirate studios. On the final day of the holiday we stopped off to see Radio Batavier. We didn't have long at his place, but just as we were leaving he picked up a little portable radio and said I should have it. It was very kind and typical of the Dutch pirates I have met over the years.

It wasn't until yesterday that I finally got round to having a good look at the radio. I noticed it was able able to receive FM, MW, LW and, interestingly SW as well. It is a tiny little receiver and just right for carrying around the house. Just before I went to bed last night, I switched it on. I expected MW coverage would stop at 1602, or perhaps 1611 kHz. Imagine my surprise when the digital display read right up to 1656! So, it was pirate-ready. 

I had been listening to Radio Calipso on my communcations receiver, so I knew he was putting in a very strong signal on 1629, so I thought I would check out that frequency on my new radio. Without an external antenna, I wasn't confident of hearing anything, so when I heard loud music coming out of the speaker on 1629, I was amazed! I picked up the radio and took it around the house with me, going from room to room with Calipso coming out of the speaker loud and clear. And without a big antenna. Very impressive.

Many thanks Mr Batavier!

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