Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The in-band crowd

I have mentioned recently how more and more Dutch pirates are regularly using the main MW band for their programmes, operating from as low as 1350 kHz. With a little help from RP(i), here is a list of the stations that can be heard regularly at the weekend. And with local legal stations in the UK starting to turn off their MW services, reception of the pirates is becoming more and more possible on this side of the North Sea

Saturday (times are variable)
1503 khz, Radio 0511
1521 khz, Radio Vinyl, BS
1512 khz, Radio Sanussi, Winetoe, Skyline
1539 khz, Radio Batavia, Radio WMBR
1566 khz, Radio IJsselstein

Sunday (times are variable)
+/- 1473 khz, Radio Coberco
1503 khz, Radio 0511
1512 khz, Radio Sanussi or another station
1521 khz, Radio Vinyl, BS
1539 khz, Radio Bavaria
1539 khz, Radio Batavia, Radio WMBR
1566 khz, Daniƫl

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