Friday, April 26, 2013

Thrilling Thursday?

It's been an interesting night on the MW band. After the sun had set - after some rain, as you can see in the picture - I switched on the Kenwood R5000 and heard plenty of signals. As I write these words at around 2345 utc, Santana is still busy with a music programme on 1619, Bluebird is playing records on 1629 and Bravo Sierra is still going on 1656. It's good to hear some music and chatting sometimes rather than qsos, especially when there is a little English talking as well!

Thursday, April 25, 2013
1615       2026       Batavier 45434-55544 music programme
1629       2026       Bluebird 55544 music programme
1646       2027       Vrolijke Mijnwerker 55544 qsoing
1670       2029       Underground 24332 music programme
1644       2029       Vuurvogel 55444 qsoing
1620       2032       Kruik 24322-35333 music programme
1647       2037       Armada 45434-55544 qsoing
1656       2050       Bravo Sierra 24332 music programme
1649       2111       Monte Carlo 43543 qsoing
1638       2129       Batavia 34433 music programme
1654       2134       Noordzee 43433 music programme
1627       2142       Vuurvogel 44444 qsoing
1619       2206       Santana 34433-44444 qsoing then music programme
1665       2213       Polkaman 24332 music programme       
1648       2213       Casablanca 55544 qsoing
1645       2219       Noordzee 44444 qsoing
1645       2222       Monte Carlo 44444 qsoing
1629       2226       Calipso 55544 qsoing
1650       2305       Jeneverstoker 35443 qsoing
1650       2307       Monte Carlo 55544 qsoing
1665       2331       Monte Carlo 55544 qsoing


  • Good to hear Underground earlier in the evening than usual and on a weeknight. It is often 0100-0200 in the early hours of a Saturday or Sunday morning when he appears on his usual frequency of 1670, so this was a nice surprise
  • I was listening to 1620 for quite some time, trying to work out who was on the frequency. The station closed down at 2141 and I still wasn't sure who it was. However, he came back to qso with various stations and I finally got the ID of Kruik - and 1620 is where he can usually be found
  • Bluebird is often one of the strongest stations here and tonight was no exception. He was booming in on 1629, playing music, then qsoing before playing more music. I often leave one of the old valve radios tuned to Bluebird while I'm doing things like writing this blog. In fact, I am listening to him right now!
  • Among his selection of Dutch and English music, Santana was playing plenty of jingles, which were a nice touch. Not so many of the Dutch MW pirates have these, so it's always good to hear them

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