Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The birds

What a superb day we've had here in the UK. The sun showed itself and we had a fine time walking in the local park. And as the sun went down, our loop antenna was glowing . . .

There was time for some radio listening during the evening, and for bird watchers it was very interesting at the top of the MW band! Vuurvogel (Firebird) was busy qsoing on 1655; then Bluebird joined the chat on 1629; he was followed by the other Firebird on 1650. And while all this was going on, Kolibrie (Hummingbird) was on 1620 with his regular Tuesday music programme. I don't think I've ever heard so many Dutch birds in one place at the same time!

Here's the full list of stations heard on Tuesday evening, together with a few other recent logs . . . 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
1664       2020       Kristal 44444 music programme
1647       2020       Calipso 55544 music programme
1620       2026       Kolibrie 25232 music programme
1654       2050       Vuurvogel 55444 qsoing
1663       2100       Readymix 34333 qsoing
1629       2105       Bluebird 35333-45343 qsoing
1655       2107       Studio 69 25222-25332 qsoing
1632       2127       Albatros 34433 qsoing
1650       2133       Firebird 25332-35443 qsoing
1646       2207       Vrolijke Mijnwerker 55544 testing
1674       2228       Pluto weak signal testing
1648       2250       Casablanca 55544 report for Mijnwerker

Sunday, April 21, 2013
1670       2035       Matrix 35433-35544 music programme
1635       2035       Johnny Camaro 25332 music programme
1647       2035       Witte Tornado 35343 music programme
1610       2040       Anton 43543-43544 music programme
1652       2045       Uniek 25322 music programme    


  • Many thanks to Chris from Radio Uniek who sent over this great qsl yesterday. I think he must have the largest selection of qsls for his listeners I have ever come across. With every report seems to come another qsl and they always look great. Keep up the good work
  • Apart from Kolibrie on 1620, Tuesday night was mainly qso action with some fine signals arriving from across the North Sea. Top of the pile were Calipso, Vrolijke Mijnwerker and Casablanca. Using somewhat less power was Firebird, operating with 100 watts and peaking really well
  • Bluebird announced on air that he was operating with just 45 watts, but it sounded more than that at times! With less power still was Studio 69, broadcasting with his now usual 25 watts
  • A few weeks ago Pluto started testing on MW with around 40 watts, and our friend Pacman heard him with a good signal. I told Pacman that I would soon hear Pluto here in England, and he told me he didn't think that would be possible. Well, this evening, I was able to detect a carrier from Pluto on 1674. I had to use USB mode to hear it, but it was audible, as was some speech saying "Radio Pluto.... Radio Pluto" . So, Pacman.... I think you must buy me a very nice cake when I see you next!
  • Great to hear Albatros in the air on Tuesday night. This is the one from the south of the Netherlands, not be confused another station with the same name further north! The signal was coming in really well, and you can listen to a recording by clicking here
  • Conditions on Sunday evening were far from optimum but one of the best signals on the band was coming from the east of the Netherlands and from Matrix on 1670. This was the best reception we've had of the station for some time and it was a pleasure to listen to this low power pirate. 100 watts was certainly doing very well. More programmes soon please!

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  1. Hello,

    Yesterday my radio was off! On the teevee were a nice footballmatch! Mosly many pirates are watching... hi, hi... Nice you heard so many birds, did they playing 'The Bird Song'? But I am not sure.... if you can receive Radio Pluto in AM. He is using very low power and... he talks very quickly... hi, hi...

    Good DX,

    Radio Pacman Int.