Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Going Underground

I was just about to hit the hay on Monday evening and I noticed a signal on 1670. I thought it was a Balkan pirate but then heard a familiar voice - it was shortwave regular Radio Underground from England. There are a few pirates operating on MW from the UK - Radio Dinosaur on 846 and RKNW on 1521 are two low power regulars operating in the south - but only Underground can be heard at the top end of the band alongside the Dutch pirates.

I am listening to Underground as I write these words, and Steve is being heard well in the north of the Netherlands as well as at my location here in the UK. He is using a half-wave dipole antenna, unlike most of the Dutch pirates who use the coil antenna. 

Since he started on MW at the end of 2011, Underground has had several qsos with Dutch stations, including Calipso and Albatros - the first station to do so since Live Wire Radio, who qsoed with a good number of stations from the Netherlands when he was active with a mobile transmitter of around 500 watts at the turn of the century. It's great to finally have another international MW pirate on air from the UK. 

More programmes and for longer please Steve!

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  1. ye nice to hear steve at the top end of the band makes a change to hear something from the uk reminds me of when i used to listen to radio skelitor in the end of the 90s i think he was local it was oscar the radio engernee who used to right for shortwave mag . i meet him once at a pickets lock radio day in london that was a good day there was andy walker and all the rfl gang steve from pandora paul stewart galaxy and some bloke called bill lewis grate memories john raven