Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nice and early

The turkey is all gone and the pile of mince pies is getting less. But the Christmas tree lights are still twinkling and there is still a nice big cake and plenty of festive treats to eat! And, talking of treats, there was some interesting broadcasts at the top of the MW band during the late afternoon/early evening today . . . 

Saturday, December 29, 2012
1616       1616       Zwarte Non 44544 music programme
1611       1617       Batavier 34543 music programme
1512       1617       Tempico 44544 music programme
1655       1621       Relmus 44544-55555 testing antenna after adjustments
1660       1653       Zwarte Panter (north NL) weak signal
1630       1657       Zeehond 34543 report for Relmus
1640       1700       Lotus 54544-55555 asking for report
1645       1716       Schaduwjager 54554 asking for report
1636       1725       Keizer En Keizerin 34533 music programme
1650       1730       Schaduwjager 55555 qsoing
1611       1736       Zwarte Non 44544 music programme
1645       1750       Blauwe Boer weak signal qsoing


  • You don't hear the Black Nun on the air often, so it was good to hear him with a music programme this afternoon, starting off on 1616 and later moving down to 1611
  • Relmus had been busy making some antenna adjustments earlier in the day and came on 1655 to find out the results. Although the optimal frequency for him to get the best out of his set-up is 1670, his signal was superb. Click here for a listen to how he sounded when he signed on
  • There were some other tremendous signals on the band, none more so than Lotus, who was booming in on 1640. This was the strongest I have ever heard him
  • I have often heard the Blauwe Boer mentioned during qsos, but never heard him myself. However, today I heard music on 1645 and, with the help of Herman from Radio Zeewolf, it seems that I was hearing the Blauwe Boer for the first time. He is very much from the old school of pirate broadcasters and around 80 years old. He uses only 50 watts, so it was a fine achievement to make it across the North Sea. He has also been heard in Norway on previous occasions. When the conditions are good, anything is possible . . .

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