Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early evening activity

There was plenty of Dutch activity at the top of the MW band yesterday evening from around 1800 and signals were coming through very well indeed. In fact, the best conditions were between 1800 and 2000 UTC. By later in the evening, signals were not so stable. Here is what we heard . . . 

Saturday, November 17, 2012
1636       1801       Keizer En Keizerin 34433 music programme
1512       1806       Tempico 44544 music programme
1630       1806       Brugwachter 54554 asking for report
1645       1806       Tambour 34533-45554 qsoing
1649       1809       Valkenburg 34533 qsoing
1660       1809       Orion 45444 qsoing
1611       1810       Tower 44534 music programme
1625       1823       Zwarte Arabier 44434 music programme              
1611       1827       Spanningzoeker 54544 qsoing
1650       1844       Moby Dick 45544 music programme
1620       1949       Quintus 34533-44544 qsoing with Saporro
1625       2318       Relmus 44534 music programme
1633       2319       Barcelona 44534 qsoing
1620       2322       Zonneschijn 54544 qsoing


  • 1512 kHz is often not a great channel here in the UK, but Tempico was coming in very well at just after 1800. Later in the evening there are many foreign signals on the frequency which makes listening to the Dutch stations very difficult
  • Brugwachter was a new name, although the voice was familiar! He was booming in here, and I made a recording of the signal. Click here to take a listen
  • Tambour was another new one for us. I have seen him mentioned on the Am Forum but never heard him before. He was coming through very well indeed
  • Tower was busy on 1611 with a very long programme. Some other stations were also using the frequency for QSOs, including Spanningzoeker who, as usual, was incredibly strong
  • Good to hear Relmus late in the evening. As well as reports from around Europe, he was also heard in the USA

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