Sunday, September 02, 2012

Audio we made in the Netherlands

While we were on holiday in the Netherlands last month, we were lucky enough to be able to stay in the homes of Radio Barones, Zeewolf and Relmus. We all had some fine times, doing all sorts of things including a day trip to the zoo and going inside two windmills, one that was working, much to the delight of my eldest daughter!

There were lots of broadcasts made where I took the microphone a few times . . . and I was also able to make some recordings of other stations. As you all know, I make a lot of recordings in England that feature on my MW Pirate Review, so it was interesting to hear how the stations I listen to at home are received in England.

You can download some of the recordings here and be amazed at how strong some of the signals are. If only we had all these MW pirates in England . . .

Matrix 1670, recorded at 2005 UTC on July 31
Kristal 1636, recorded at 1936 UTC on July 31
Utopia 1620, recorded at 1048 UTC on July 31
Calipso 1629, recorded at 2325 UTC on July 31
Dikke Betta, recorded at 0758 UTC on August 3
Baanbreker, recorded at 0814 UTC on August 3
Scotland, recorded at 0825 UTC on August 3

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