Monday, July 09, 2012

Interesting experiment!

As I write this, Radio Utopia is just closing down from a fine music programme on 1630 kHz. And there was an interesting experiment on the broadcast this evening that included a live link-up with me via Skype! It seemed to work well as Utopia had messages via SMS and WhatsApp to tell him that I could be heard!

Conditions on the band are still far from perfect, but here are some recent logs made here in England . . . 

Sunday, July 8, 2012
1653       2157       Batavier 35232 music programme
1658       2158       Napoleon 45333 music programme
1630       2159       Utopia 34333 music programme
1651       0011       Jeneverstoker report for Utopia

Saturday, July 7, 2012
1611       2210       Barones 44444 music programme
1644       2215       Moby Dick 34333 music programme
1655       2220       Kristal 44333 qsoing
1655       2222       Spakenburg 33333 qsoing
1640       2225       Barcelona 44444 qsoing
1652       2244       Pandora 34333-45334 qsoing
1640       2306       Digitaal 34233 qsoing
1655       2309       Jeneverstoker 23222 qsoing
1630       2311       Salo testing
1650       0010       Montecarlo 35333 music programme

The loop antenna at this side - through the rain!


  • Good to hear some music programmes on Sunday evening. The best signal was coming from Napoleon but Utopia was peaking very nicely. You can listen to a short recording here
  • On Saturday evening there was an interesting frequency choice from Barones. It has been some years since I heard him on 1611. The signal was very good at its best and was audible on the Sony portable with no external antenna and also on the Philips B4X23A which we acquired recently
  • There was an interesting experiment from Radio Salo on 1630. Using just 30 watts of power his carrier was audible at this side. When the winter and the better conditions arrive, I am sure we will hear some audio as well!

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