Thursday, May 17, 2012

That's better!

Well I'm very happy to report that conditions for listening to the Dutch pirates on MW in the UK have been a good deal better tonight. As I write this, signals are beginning to weaken again, but we heard many more stations this evening that during the previous days, and with better signals. So, here's the rundown on what we heard . . . 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
1643       2103       Schaduwjager 45544 qsoing
1656       2104       Parel Van Twente 35433 music programme
1675       2118       Doctor Einstein 24532-35533 nonstop music
1636       2122       Batavier 35543 music programme
1630       2123       Spanningzoeker 55544-55555 asking for report
1670       2130       Odynn 24432 music programme
1665       2130       Polkaman 34533 music programme
1640       2132       Batavier 35543 music programme
1647       2205       Monte Carlo 34433 qsoing
1640       2211       Doctor Einstein 24532-35533 nonstop music
1645       2221       Vriendschap 23422 qsoing
1630       2252       Relmus weak signal        


  • Tonight's best signal was from Spanningzoeker, who is always strong seemingly whatever the conditions. Click here to listen to a short recording of his signal while qsoing on 1630
  • Very nice to hear Odynn on the air for the first time in a while. He was playing plenty of music from the Doors with his new transmitter - and he was a very happy pirate by the end of the evening having received reports from right across Europe
  • Parel was busy with a long music show on 1656 with some very nice peaks on the signal. Click here for an example

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  1. Parel was the first in my log and still there when I switched off !

    Spanningzoeker was strong hence my chat request for station confirmation. I just didn't believe my ears - thanks.

    Fair signal here from Odynn at 21:50UTC too with a SINPO 34323


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