Saturday, May 05, 2012

Friday night is radio night!

We did a little listening during the evening after arriving home from work. Here are the stations heard from the Netherlands:

Friday, May 4, 2012
1680       2156       Relmus 24322 music programme
1645       2156       Turftrekker 34333-35443 music programme
1635       2158       Grutte Pier 44434-45434 music programme
1645       2202       Spakenburg 42443
1665       2203       Polkaman 24432-34433 music programme
1629       2205       Powerliner 22322 music programme
1625       2211       Spakenburg 44444-55444 short music programme
1640       2259       Telstar 33433 music programme
1655       2338       Jeneverstoker 24422-35433 qsoing
1645       2343       Powerliner 24332 qsoing
1646       0025       Casablanca 45444 asking for report
1645       0031       Pandora 55544 qsoing


  • The most incredible reception tonight was Relmus on 1680. Okay, the SINPO was not massive at 24322 - but the power was very small. In fact, he was running just 4-5 watts and it was possible to copy pretty much all of his announcements. After he closed down he switched to shortwave for a short broadcast on 5810 kHz where reception was also very good with around 14 watts. The antenna is certainly doing a great job 
  • Nice to hear Spakenburg on air this evening. He quickly moved from the busy 1645 down to 1625 where reception was excellent. Click here to listen to just how good it was. Many thanks for the mentions about this blog! 
  • Grutte Pier often has a fine signal here in England and tonight was no exception. Listen to our reception by clicking here
  • As well as Relmus, there was low-power action from Powerliner, Jeneverstoker and Polkaman. Proof that when conditions are right, high power is not necessary

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  1. hi david thanks for the pirate summary allways nice to see you delicated sites thanks and regards from bb-radio